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I. Schedule your mission

(choose your mission calendar target)

Day Date Month Year

II. Choose your sender identity

(identities have to match targets)

Email Fax
@ddress Country Code
Notebook-look Area Code
Phone Number

III. Set your mission time slit

Hour Minute Second

IV. Focus your mission time slit

Precise to the quarter to the hour within the day

V. Choose your media mission target

(you may choose multiple targets at once )

Handy Pager Email Fax
Country Code Country Code @ddress Country Code
Area Code Area Code Notebook-look Area Code
(predefined) (predefined)
Phone Number Phone Number Phone Number
Handy-Candy Pager-Major {short description of image}

VI. Choose your mission header load

Selfload Preload Secretload

VII. Choose your message mission load




IIX. Get your mission on air

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